Sleep Dealer’s Second Chance

Sleep Dealer

SLEEP DEALER is a feature-film set in Mexico in the near future. It tells the story of Memo Cruz as he struggles against a brave new border.


SLEEP DEALER represents the love and hard work of many people, it won a few awards at Sundance – but it never properly made it to audiences. Now’s the chance to change that! Find out how at


An Update on Protag

In order to allow more people an opportunity to submit each year, we are implementing a few changes to the structure of Protag. Instead of a monthly online issue, we will have one issue per each of four quarters per year.
In accordance with these changes, the first issue of Protag will be published online on July 1st, and quarterly issues will subsequently be published to the online magazine in the first weeks of OctoberJanuary, and next April. Submissions for the inaugural July 1st issue will continue to be accepted through June 1st, and any submissions already sent in will be considered for this issue.
Writers and artists of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to consider submitting pieces to the upcoming issue of Protag. Submissions must address or relate to literature or art as agents of social, spiritual, or intellectual change in some way.

Regardless of the changes, we plan early next year to publish a “best of the best” from the four online issues in a print magazine entitled, Protag.

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