Announcing: The Muslim Protagonist 2014: A Synthesis of Journeys

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The Muslim Protagonist is an annual symposium of Muslim and minority writers, artists, and thinkers at Columbia University, hosted by the Columbia Muslim Students Association and opened to people of all backgrounds, faiths, and cultures as a means of facilitating dialogue, networking, and tools for pursuing “literature as an agent of social, spiritual, and intellectual change.”

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On Feb. 22, 2014 @ Columbia University, The Muslim Protagonist will build on the previous year’s remarkable success and delve deeper into the issue of the minority narrative in a unique and thoughtful way, bringing together writers from diverse minority communities in America, and writers of diverse dimensions, past and future. A new, stellar cast of speakers will help us in asking, what makes a protagonist? Who has she/he been in the past, in classic Muslim literature, and who is she/he re-imagined to be in the distant future or in an alternative present? What can we learn from the diverse immigrant and “indigenous” narratives of today in America, and what do we know from the emergent Muslim narrative already taking form?

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